Questions of Life we most want Answered

Let these answers be your guide up those steps
  1. Is there a Supreme Creator that exists and has always existed or are all the answers in Evolution?
  2. Does this Supreme Creator have a plan and purpose for us?
  3. How does this Supreme Creator communicate to us what he wants from us?
  4. Where is the Word of God?
  5. Is the Bible Inerrant?
  6. Can we trust that every word, line and paragraph is meant for us as the inspired true word of God?
  7. Does God allow false prophets and liars to challenge and test us in real life and in the Bible?
  8. There can only be one Truth so why do we have several sects of Jews, several versions of Islam, Catholics, 32,000 protestant faiths, Hindu, Buddhists and Atheists? They all have different beliefs but only one can be the Truth. How do I navigate that maze of confusion and arrive at what is the correct worship and obedience or know there is no answer and that the end of life on earth is the final end?
  9. How did Mainstream Christianity start?
  10. Who decides and decided what books shall be part of the Bible?
  11. Why did God send a Messiah? Who is the Messiah?
  12. Why cannot I just not take any responsibility in finding out the Truth? Can I trust that my parents and grandparents made all the right decisions and I am fortunate to be in the only True church without ever having to use my brain and think? My rabbi, or my pastor or my bishop are experts and devote all their time to do the work and make my decisions for me. What are my odds trusting them to do the right thing by me? Why do I have to think, study, research and make a determination myself? Is it smart to put salvation, eternal life, possible punishment and my eternal destiny in some one else hand? Does God really expect us to think and reason through all this confusion?
  13. Does Mainstream Christianity follow the teachings of Jesus? Is there someone that teaches the opposite of Jesus? What is Dispensationalism?
  14. What is the Law? Is it mandatory or can we just pick and choose what we wish to obey or can we just ignore completely. What excuses can rid me of having to obey the Law?
  15. Are other men closer to God than I am. Do I need intermediaries to work for me with Yahweh and Jesus to arrive at my Salvation?